our wine selection and prices:

the best kept secret in Tysons corner, well until now.

We Love wine, and want to share that with you.

Nothing elevates the flavors in a properly-prepared Ribeye like a crisp Cabernet Sauvignon. 

But let’s face it, sometimes restaurants can get a little too, shall we say, ambitious, with their wine prices.

Our commitment to you is maintain the same responsible pricing for the best wines that the world has to offer.

Our staff, as shown above, tastes every new wine that is added to our offering list.

Use our wine pricing tool below to search for your favorite wine or browse by categories to see what we mean. 

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Cellar Highlights

American Prime boasts the best wine selection in Tyson’s Corner.  Our dedication to our craft has made us passionate about serving Northern Virginia’s oenophiles. Our staff has a deep understanding of our cellar, making them uniquely equipped to ensure that they recommend the best possible pairing for your dining experience. 

We are also proud to foster the global wine community by providing our customers with a robust selection of the world’s finest wines.

El Alto Parcel Malbec

We are proud to pour Doña Paula’s signature Malbec. Vinted by the renown Marcos Fernández, El Alto Parcel has a reputation that proceeds it. The wines produced at Doña Paula are marked by strong commitment to viticultural practices first. 

“excellent wine is nothing but the most faithful expression of the vineyard”

This Malbec is bold while being light on the tannins. Sommeliers and critics sight the tasting notes as ranging from dark chocolate and french oak to subtle hints of leather and even blackberry.  Pair with our Dry Aged New York Strip.

2015 Mercury Head by Orin Swift

A winemaker who needs no introduction.  Swift is a rockstar who continues to enthrall his fans with his dedication and creativity.  We offer his 2015 Mercury Head to our patrons along with 5 other vintages to be enjoyed with our menu.

The 2015 vintage was born from the harvest of some of Napa’s greatest vineyards producing Cabernet Sauvignon.  This vintage places heavy emphasis on the terroir of Napa’s micro-climates.  The winemaking process was intense, involving an 18 month aging process on mixed new and old French Oak. 

The winery describes the wine as Full-bodied and Satiating. Tasting notes include ripe cherry and sage. This wine is an excellent candidate for one of our signature steaks.  We recommend the Cowboy Ribeye.

2015 Merry Edwards Sauvignon Blanc

The 2015 offering from Merry Edwards is limited in supply. The winery itself has been sold out of the vintage for over a year.  But you can still try a bottle with our signature Local Virginia Oysters when you visit us.  

This white wine is fermented with a special yeast to accentuate its fruity flavors while suppressing the green tones many associate with the varietal. It is then aged for six months in oak barrels giving it a subtle straw color.

This wine is an excellent option for the enthusiast that wants to see what else a Sauvignon Blanc can do.  

Joon's current favorite

Pahlmeyer Proprietary Red from 2014. This 87% Cab turned into a Meritage Blend with exciting aromatics and so many flavors really is as good as all the ratings are. 

Chris' recommendation

Cakebread Cabernet Sauvignon Benchland Select from 2015. Another one of those Cabs that not only scores incredibly well in the expert world, but has an authentic full bodied taste that pairs so well with our steak cuts. 

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